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GT Endurance Series Special Events Pack 1.0

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by Mangal Oemie for the AC GT endurance simracing community

Races of 10-12 laps too short for you? AI running out of gas when trying longer races?

Then this is for you. Ten GT special events running for as long as the cars will go without refueling. Multiclass races last about 54-58 minutes, GT3 races 1h10-15 mins. Each race has 24 cars.

GT Multiclass
Driver is in the BMW M3 GT2 at the back, with a field of Z4 GT3 and MP4-12C GT3 cars, headed by three more M3 GT2's at the head. Laps are limited by the 80L tank in the M3 GT2. All AI cars are on medium tyres.

- Mugello 30 laps
- Silverstone 28 laps
- Nuerburgring GP 30 laps
- Monza 28 laps
- Imola 30 laps

Driver is in a MP4-12C GT3 car, with a field of Z4 GT3 and MP4-12C cars. Laps limited by the 110L tank in both the GT3 cars. All AI cars are on hard tyres. You are welcome to use mediums, of course, but they will be worn near the end.

- Mugello 40 laps
- Silverstone 36 laps
- Nuerburgring GP 40 laps
- Monza 36 laps
- Imola 40 laps

Both were tested with Alien AI driver for the upper limits, as well as 88-90% human driver. If you're more efficient with fuel, or you're not very quick like me, you can likely drop a bit of fuel in your own setup, or add a couple more laps to these events by editing the event.ini files.

Unzip/extract both system and content folders into your Assetto Corsa home directory

($assettocorsa), typically:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

If you are prompted to merge folders, do so.Restart AC, and the AC GT Endurance Series events should be in your Special Events section.

The extraction of these folders and files should not overwrite anything, unless possibly you created your own events or AI system setups (see the DETAILED INSTALLATION section in the contained README file, in that case, to make sure).

Fill your car up with gas, especially if you're quick, or you may not make it. Slower drivers can tune it down a bit, but there isn't much leeway you'll find if you run a fuel app. For the multiclass, medium tyres are no problem, for the GT3 race, mediums will do, but expect to feel it near the end.

No need to rush the first corner, the race is long. In the multi-class, the other three BMW M3 GT2's are up front, so even if you get through all the GT3 cars, they will be well ahead. During alien AI testing with AI driver (CTRL-C), the best result I got was 9th. On the other hand, I've won "easy" GT races by 40 secs, so just tweak the slider or the 4 options as needed.

Enjoy! I certainly am. :)

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