GSCE Radio Control 1:8 scale unofficial mod 1.0

Realistic radio control racing and drifting with 5 cars on 1 circuit.

  1. Niels_at_home


    Hi! This is a ... different ... mod for Game Stockcar Extreme: 1:8 scale racing and drifting with realistic (scaled) physics! This doesn’t mean the cars themselves are exact copies of real Radio Control (RC) cars though, they have believable but imagined properties.

    It is a physics experiment that got out of hand. Previously the only RC mod, for rFactor, MadCowies excellent work, used 1:1 scale cars as the physics where believed not to handle vehicles so light. This made me curious and as you can see, they work just fine with real weights and dimensions.

    Physics are fun! Scaling down a car 8 times, makes its length 8 times smaller. Aerodynamics apply on area which is 8x8 times smaller. Mass is a function of volume which is 8x8x8 times smaller. You end up with totally different car behavior because of this compared to full sized cars, yet they are still just small racing cars with all the bits and pieces we know and love. This also means they are fun to drive!

    Thanks to Laurents Hoerr for the circuit and Patrick Giranthon for the awesome circuit and bow to Siim Annuk and David Sabre for scaling down the Toyota Supra and BRM Can-Am car respectively and then allowing me to release all the models! And thanks to Todd Wasson who, over the years, helped me out on some of the general specs and properties of these small cars.

    This mod is NOT an official Reiza Studios product. It is a fun experiment that you may or may not enjoy, that’s all!

    I’m assuming you know how to use Windows and extract zip files. Just extract in your main Game Stockcar Extreme folder and I assume you know where to find that. The mod is a new race ‘series’ you can find clicking the left / right arrows in the main menu to switch cars until you find the ugly and stretched image of a 1970s Can-Am racing car.

    Game setup
    - Try an analog gamepad

    - Use a mixture of speed sensitivity (50%) and reduced axis sensitivity (25%) for starters

    - Driving aids are untested

    - AI probably doesn’t work so just do private testing

    - Only drive in TV cam (page down is the default key). A few different zoom levels are available

    - Adjust the speed sensitivity, axis sensitivity and garage ‘steering lock’ to get your personal preferred car steering sensitivity

    - Don’t start with the faster cars!

    Bugs, support, complaints?
    I don’t have time to support this mod, I may or may not reply on forums or to youtube comments.. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you or it breaks your computer or house! I didn’t mean to do that.. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Zotto
    Version: 1.0
    fun fun fun.. btw, i tested with my wheel and yes it does work but takes great skill to keep on track..
  2. antirussia81
    Version: 1.0
    Surprisingly good fun.
    Or maybe not so surprising - it's Niels work after all :)
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