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GSCE Mod Thumbnails for rFactor HD UI 2015-04-25

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This just adds an image in the empty slot on the mod selection screen (if you're using the rFactor HD UI). Not a huge deal, but it's something that has always bugged me, so here's a fix.

Just drop the .tga files into your rFm folder. Doesn't overwrite anything and won't cause online mis-match.

Just delete "reiza01_Logo.tga" to "reiza18_Logo.tga"

Old UI:

New UI:
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Justin Davis
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  1. Added thumbnail template in .PSD format

    Not really much to it. Just re-size your image to match the one in the template, re-name the...

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This really fills out the UI mod and makes it feel less empty. The images are stretched of course on a widescreen monitor but they are much better than the alternative.