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Grimm Green Racing Holden (Fantasy Skin) Duh... 1.0

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For the SuperV8 series

Grimm Green Racing

Fantasy Skin

Done in 8192, 4096 and 2048 sizes, clearly marked within the download folder.
Also includes original .mas file and the Dunlop tyre .mas file if you wish to use it.
Tyres are okay, but only spent literally 5 mins on them, so the will not be super great. Dunlop logo on the inside tyre walls are reversed (can't help this) due to the UV mapping.....but hey, drive fast, and it's all a blur anyway. :D

This is purely a vaping awareness skin, carries all the necessary .org websites etc.

Enjoy it if you use it.

I thank you.

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Latest reviews

SIC!!! Love it.
Being a Vaper this mod definitely is in my collection ... actually even if I wasn't a Vaper still worth it ... so crisp ... Let me take a tote first ... wicked. thanks heaps.
Love this paint man!! I shared the pics on Namberjuice facebook page! I posted your username to give credit! This is an amazing paint!!
Cracker of a skin mate, thanks.
as always ...fantastic !!!! thx for your work and your share
Gorgeous! Thank you :)
Awesome work,thank you.
I don't know why but this is a very cool/nice skin