GreatWall - rF2

GreatWall - rF2 1.5

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- End of both DRS zone is now correct
- New boundary objects by Juergen
- Redo all the trees, now using rf2's billboard technique
- Redo all 3D trees, with same technique
- improvement and Fixed bugs of the night lighting
- Fixed other small bugs

Know issue:

There are still few things that I can not fix:

- Flickering of the fence (If anyone has suggestions how to solve it, come forward :))
- Some objects are not perfect illuminated by night (like above :D )

Have Fun
- Increased the number of Grid / Garage spot to 32
- Added Corner workers (By Juergen)
- Added two DRS Zones
- Various little Fixes to AIW
- Added some boundary objects
- Adjustments for the mirrors
- New Loading Screen (Created by Juergen)