Grass Texture Fix for Patrick Giranthon's Spa 1.0

Grass Texture Fix by Reb.Ellion

  1. Esco GT-R
    I posted a query on RD's forums to see if anyone else was having grass textures "growing" up through run off areas on Patrick Giranthon's Spa and Monza.

    Spa had the worst of the 2 with grass poking up through run offs at Les Combes, No Name, Pouhon, Stavelot and the run down to Blanchimont.

    Monza had the issue at the second Lesmo and on the left when braking for the Parabolica.

    A couple of people came forward and confirmed they had these issues as well but we couldn't seem to come up with a fix until RD member @Reb.Ellion contacted me and came up with this fix.

    Reb kindly gave me permission to upload his fix here

    So, thank you have calmed my OCD :thumbsup:

    Just extract to your Automobilista folder and if by magic, a well paid man will go out on track and mow the lawn for you.

    If you do not have the problem, you do not need to install this fix.

    Base Profile Screenshot 2017.11.29 -
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Recent Reviews

  1. cebeuno
    Version: 1.0
    I really have no idea where the grass is grown on these tracks, but since they are my 2 favorites tracks I will download the update. Thank you so much.
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