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Grand Prix Karting Silverstone

Grand Prix Karting Silverstone 1.0

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Grand Prix Karting Silverstone
Every modern Formula One driver started his career in karting. So it does make sense, to also start your F1 sim racing career in simrace karting. There are a lot of kart tracks available for race sims, but what about to take a shortcut and starting karting on F1 tracks? The problem however is, karting on a F1 track is not exciting at all and you can’t learn much with it, because the entire lap will be flat-out.

The solution for this is Grand Prix Karting. Tracks with the layout of existing F1 tracks, but the dimensions, look and feel of real kart tracks. Which means, no big run-off areas, but wide kerbs as on modern karting tracks, the pit is not on the infield but on the outside, and not so much grandstands as on a F1 track. The Grand Prix Karting tracks not only have the look and feel of karting tracks, but the look and feel are close to the original F1 tracks.

The Grand Prix Karting tracks are released this year around the weekend the F1 Grand Prix will take place on the original F1 track. This week it is Silverstone.


Grand Prix Karting livery's (skinns for rFactor Rotax Max Mod):

In the Rotax Max Challenge rFactor mod are RealFeel and LeoFFB plugins. Don't forget to install the plugins, because they make all the difference for good force feedback.

After installing the Grand Prix Karting skinns, in rFactor you can choose for Racing Series between Rotax Max Challenge (with the original Rotax Max Karts) and Grand Prix Karting, with only the Tony Kart and 20 livery's from the 2020 F1 season. These karts have the same physics as the Rotax Max Challenge karts.

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Nice man, good job!
All these GP tracks are awesome. Looking forward to see the next ones :D
Nitro McClean
Nitro McClean
The next one is there