GRAND PRIX 1937 V 1.0

by: Team Vintage

  1. Stig Bidstrup
    If you want a challenge in your simracing this Mod is for you.
    This download is with out the self installer, since I could not upload it on this site. The download also includes static cams for cockpit view if you dont like the original cams ( moving cams ).

    The Cars.
    Alfa Romeo 12c 36
    Auto Union C
    Mercedes Benz W 125
    Voiturette 1500cc.
    ERA works type B.
    Maserati 6c

    The Voiturette 1500 cc cars have reverse FFB,to solve this turn your FFB slider to + normally its on -

    If you dont wanna stall the engine on the Voiturette 1500cc cars when entering a race " Hold down the clutch " Preferably use Auto clutch if it stalls on the track with out Auto clutch " you wont be able to start the engine again" So for online racing Auto clutch.


    Video by Hese66 ( online race at Goodwood )

Recent Reviews

  1. XRRoy
    Version: V 1.0
    The head rigging is making me SO dizzy... but it's still impressive!
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