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Gran Turismo 3 HUD

Gran Turismo 3 HUD 0.3.4

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What is it?


This is an information cluster app meant to reproduce as accurately as possible the Gran Turismo 3 heads-up display, with improvements such as higher resolution assets.






  • Custom Shaders Patch is REQUIRED.
This app will not run without it. This was made and tested with version 0.1.60 and has been tested with a version as new as 0.1.73. It may work with versions below 0.1.60 but I am not guaranteeing it.
  • Content Manager is strongly recommended.
  • Automatic resolution detection — the app will figure out your current screen resolution at startup and place all the elements accordingly;
  • Imperial and metric units;
  • Scaling, from 50% to 150%;
  • Functional odometers, also available in both imperial and metric units — the total odometer will work by using Stereo's odometer or from Sidekick, so be sure to have at least one of these. It's fine if you have both; the app will try to fetch from Stereo's odometer first. If not present, will attempt to fetch from Sidekick;
  • Resettable trip odometer;
  • Tachometer ranges from 3,000 to 22,000rpm — redline is calculated at 90% of the car's maximum rpm;
  • Speedometers of 100, 200 and 300mph — 160, 320 and 480km/h, respectively;
  • Display of sector times, lap times, difference to best lap, record (personal best) and lap history in practice mode;
  • Display of position, sector times, lap times, last lap and best lap during races;
  • Instrument clusters for both chase and bumper view — GT3 originally only had these two camera views, so I extended this behaviour to match GT4 and GT5, where the analog cluster is available on the hood and bumper cameras;
If you have Content Manager, simply drag and drop onto it. After installed, the app will appear under Settings > Apps so you can enable it.​
Otherwise, you can extract the contents onto the game's root folder, as the zipped file has the folder structure already laid out. The apps folder contains the app itself, which is a GT3 HUD folder placed under apps/python. The content folder contains the app's icons.​
After installing and enabling the app, two apps will appear on the list:
  • GT3 HUD is the information cluster itself;
  • GT3 HUD Settings is the settings app to tweak some preferences.
After activating GT3 HUD, the cluster will appear on your current desktop.

Two settings are available and they are persisted in config.ini


  • Use Imperial Units? is a toggle that switches between imperial and metric units. Once changed, everything is updated automatically, there is no need to restart the session. All speed and distance amounts are affected, these being the speedometer faces and the digital readout, as well as both odometer readings;
  • Scale is a spinner that allows you to change the size of the cluster. When it is changed, the elements are repositioned accordingly. It allows from 50% to 150% of the original scale.
As well as two buttons
  • Reset Trip Odometer allows you to zero the trip odometer at any moment;
  • Reset Scale puts the scale to the default value, which is 100%.
  • The TCS light is not blinking, what gives? Check what version of CSP you have. It will only work on version 0.1.69 and above.
  • The ASM light doesn't turn on even if I set Stability Control to 100%, why is that? From my experience, this occurs only on practice, where some cars will have stability control on 0% no matter what you set in Content Manager. I'm not sure why is that. On races it works as expected.
  • The ASM light doesn't blink. It won't. There's nothing to get whether ASM is being used or not. If that changes in the future, it's likely I'll update the HUD so the ASM light reacts.
  • Why does the 7th gear character look weird? While Gran Turismo 3 originally doesn't have any 7-gear car in its roster, I found this GT3 mod showcase video which inserted a 7-gear vehicle and thus, I attempted to faithfully reproduce the 7th gear number from it. So that's where it comes from.
  • I can't see the time difference between me and the first-placed opponent in the game, why? This has not been implemented yet. I am also pursuing a way to include the flashing car miniatures that appear next to the time difference. No ETA on this feature.
  • Why is nothing appearing in the replays? I made it that way. Not every piece of information that I use from the player's car to show the HUD is acessible on the other cars. So, to avoid any issues, I disable the HUD entirely during replays. I plan to rectify that eventually by making a separate, minified replay HUD much like GT3 itself does. No ETA on this one.
This is still a work-in-progress and there are more things to come. As much as I tested this in my own system and collected feedback from other people who tested it, this is still a first beta and it is high likely some bugs may have sneaked. Please be understandable of this.
Other than that, by all means, have fun!

Latest reviews

is there any way to remove the lap and placing in the top right?
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Amazing! Thank you!
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I have a setup for racing with Sidekick etc... My second page is this HUD, for hot lapping etc... The GT interface is amazing.
Upvote 0
beautiful nostalgia
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I like it
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I love this! Now I feel like I'm playing gt3 on assetto corsa.
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great hud
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Nice work thank you. If possible, Gran Turismo 1 and GT Sport would you make please
Not a problem. I think someone already made a GT Sport one, it being a SimHub overlay.

I won't discard the possibility for a GT1/GT2 one as they're simpler in terms of information, but I'm not making any promises. In the mean time, I know I have seen someone make a GT2 skin for PDash, too.
Upvote 1
Been eagerly waiting for this mod's release for a couple of weeks now. It's every bit as crisp and authentic as I was hoping it'd be. Solid work.
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Thank you for giving us the option to scale the HUD and for making it so that if I make the HUD smaller, all of the items scale towards the edges of the screen reducing clutter.

This is by far my favourite full HUD app for that feature alone. Every detail of the original HUD from GT3 is recreated faithfully and I have yet to run into any bugs or issues with the app. The only thing I could really ask for is the tire wear indicator that is shown in endurance races in GT3.
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the scaling feature. Good to hear no problems have arisen. As for the tire wear indicator, they're in my plans to be included, too. But I don't have an ETA for it yet.
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5/5, 10/10, 20/20... Just the best HUD I've seen for AC so far. And what a nostalgia trip. Anyways - thanks for this mate. (PS mind sharing your chase camera settings ? ;) )
You're welcome, by all means enjoy it! As for my chase camera settings, here's what I have:
First camera:
- Distance: 3m
- Height: 1.4m
- Pitch: 2°
Second camera:
- Distance: 4.19m
- Height: 1.81m
- Pitch: 6.6°
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Fantastic! Great Work!!!
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