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GPL-1967 Career mode (for the GPL-1967 mod)

GPL-1967 Career mode (for the GPL-1967 mod) 1.0

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Wow this is really great stuff! I knew nothing about making a custom career before so this provided a great template that I could tweak to my liking.

I noticed this doesn't include the Canadian GP that took place in 1967. There is actually a mod of the Mosport Park circuit available on RaceDepartment. While it is a modern version on the track, the actual layout has not changed since 1967 so it suits me fine.

Also for personal taste I decided to swap out the French GP to Rouen Les Essarts and double the amount of laps for each race to 20% of original length, but that's just me.
Thanks for your review! I actually based this on another custom career, so I did the same thing as you.

The Mosport Park thing and the French GP was mostly just done to my own tastes, since I wasn't planning on releasing this initially, but I'm glad that you're tweaking it to your own liking!

That's what modding is about.
This has been so much fun. I didn't realize that the opposition was only running at 80%, but they can be adjusted up to 100%, which I might add is pretty tough to keep up with. I LOVE it.
Thanks! Cool that you're enjoying it so much :)
Great job! It's really took... Thank you
Thank you! You're welcome!
Awesome! Love it.
I will have so muxh fun with this later.
Thank you! Hope you have fun with it :)