GP 79 (F1) 0.43

gp, 79, f1, cars, open wheelers, rfactor

  1. Ian Franssen
    Converted by Arnao.
    GP79 conversion with permission

    Salut Hi,

    All the credit goes to:

    Renato Simioni
    MotorFX for texture and more !!!!
    And other that bring this masterpiece to RF1,I had so much fun .thanks a lot!!

    Version 0.4 changes:

    -Corrected Issues from 218 sounds.
    -new rain tires... from ISI renault F3.5
    -Added NEW abrasion parameters to all TGM is same value for hard, soft, qualy ...sorry for that !!
    -Corrected wolf graphic tires ....
    -Remove braketorque UPDATE and fix it in HDV to "BrakeTorque=2900"

    That's all for now hope to do more for next update... ​
    1)Now you 'll have to select ALL CAR

    2)Choose a car for race and tune it:

    3)Configure race to have GP79 car or other.

    Tuning Options
    Changing NominalMaxSteeringTorque value from cars HDV
    -Assist Level 3->Maximum Assist, Lightest Steering
    -Assist Level 2->Decreased Assist, Heavier Steering
    -Assist Level 1->Minimum Assist, Heaviest Steering

    *Shifter Style:
    -Gate shifter.

    *Optional Chassis
    Car will not have correct SKIN till you choose it in the list.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Diego Balzarini
    Diego Balzarini
    Version: 0.43
    Fantastic, thanks.
  2. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    Version: 0.43
    I had to download it from somewhere else as the link didn't seem to work :( but the mod is fantastic. Great conversion from rF1. Plenty of fun. Found that with my G27, setting the FFB multiplier to 3.32 (yes 3.32!) enhances hugely the experience... (in my opinion)
    Very recommendable mod.
  3. goon1
    Version: 0.43
    over 850 DL and no says anything on the mod, i will download and say tnx, or is there some thing wrong i dont know.
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