Goodwood Motor Circuit

Goodwood Motor Circuit 0.9.1

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Authorized Conversion
Original Creator :

Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima

Fully Functional track
20 Pit boxes
Ai and cameras by FlashCrow
Track Map by : Alex72 ( go check it out its a very nice track map :) )

Thanks to motorfx for His permition and support :)


Free free to give ideas to improvements :)

Special Thanks :
-All the friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped with testing
-All The ideas from people around the forums
-Word Sim Racing Championship
-alex72 for the map
-flashcrow for track ai and cameras
-Michael Hornbuckle for helping in testing

Thanks For All comments
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Latest reviews

i rated 4 start because i miss the brake lines! i am not that good to dont need the ideal racing line! PLease add it
This is definately one of my new favourite tracks, and I'll be using it when I'm creating my own Festival Of Speed for my YouTube channel. Just out of curiosity, do you think it would be possible at all to make the Goodwood Hillclimb track? I know there are versions but I've heard they're horrendous so I haven't bothered with them.
Excellent track.
Reason for four-star: I frequently visit this track, you need to include the white tower that is visible as you come into the St. Mary's left turn.

It's used as an indicator by many drivers and is a key reference point on the track.

It's the only part that stands out - I get to the corner and I'm thinking "where's the tower!", almost as a panick because I don't know when to brake - haha!

Otherwise amazing.
(just fix a couple of tarmac edges that make the car fall off the world and tumble into the abyss).
BEen racing this for a while now, just needs some updates to bring it up to date really. Few glitches need to be fixed, gaps in the circuit just inbetween the grass and tarmac that flip your car etc.

Be good if you could do the Festival Of Speed hillclimb too but it seems this mods author has been gone a while :P
Amazing. Will you be making a Goodwood Hillclimb track?
Can you fix the hole in the first turn please?
Good port, but... sorry, there's a bump in T1 (madgewick) that everybody has missed in making this track. And also St.Mary's is alot less narrow, carries alot more speed than portrayed. I had hoped for a laserscanned version by now ;) Thanks for giving the track to AC, love it nonetheless.
Love it. Thanks for your work.
Another fine piece of motoring history added to this wonderful content Assetto Corsa's modding world is offering us. This is getting better and better each day!! Thx
Thank you. Very fun drive.
Very Nice Indeed, Agree with @Cote Dazur, Would be nice to get the Hillclimb as well ;)
Great work. Thanks!
Well done, thank you for making AC a better SIM with this track. It is true, Goodwood is more than the Festival of Speed, still, it would be nice to get the Hill Climb to complete the set.
Great to have Goodwood in such a good quality for Assetto Corsa. Many thanks!
Nice classic track ;)
bien jouer Tiago , merci encore.
great work as always
Even if it still needs some polish, the track surface is excellent, and it's fast and fun to drive. Good work to bring this to AC.

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