Goodwood Circuit

Goodwood Circuit 0.99

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Thank you so much! A wonderful track with outstanding detail. Great fun to drive. The Goodwood chicane is a thrill every time!
Driven in SRS(20Mins races) and makes a ton of fun. Looks just awesome. As good for fragile Oldies as for Formula Truck Mod
I love the wet version.
great work
A definite keeper. I can only do realistic, scanned tracks now for the most part and this goes right along with the Kunos ones and others!
Excellent thanks
Your Making Me Day My Lola Thanks You She Loves this Track
thank you!
Outside of the AI maybe being a little slow, everything else is perfect.
This is a great circuit. I actually did a track day at Goodwood in September this year driving my Jaguar XKR and this version is extremely accurate in every detail. I haven't tried the wet version yet though.
Thanks for this great track.
It shows me the track but it won’t load any ideas people
I have no idea, perhaps something with time trial mode, or perhaps wrong path of instalation, a missing file somehow... i would be able to help a bit better through support forum, as ratings section is only meant for five stars and "thnx" (joke) :D
Totally enjoying this track with some cool mods like the Porsche 356A GS 1600. Great work!
Quality mod with quite nice graphics and good track feeling.
absolutely awesome track . Amazing improvement on the previous version
Gem of a circuit, nice work.
Huge step up with this, got such a good feel!
One of my favorite's in game
I've been racing this circuit in GTR 2 P&G mod, so it's a real pleasure to see such a good version in AC, now if only the GT Legends mod was available for the game.
hes building the best track in AC
Very good! Fun to drive! Perfect! THX a lot!!!
Very nice track. Really like what you did with the wet version (though it was probably not easy since AC does not support that). It really helps to avoid puddles when driving (since they cause aquaplaning and loss of control) and taking other lines than the usual dry line. Even the sound is there ;-)
It's not live track, but as close as you can get I presume.
Good job. Love driving both versions. Thanks for sharing.
Soooooo much better than your initial release! Now clear and bright where it was dark and murky before. I'm taking it for granted that Lidar can accurately map the bumps...because it feels like where (and how big) they should be. Great fun with a fast car (RSS' presumptive Lister-Jag is my fav so far).
Stunning work! I was hugely impressed by the wet version. So much better than I expected. Definitely not just a low grip tarmac.

Would be 6 stars with more close-up TV camera set. :)
Thanks, yes I think wet track is a bit better than it seems. First laps could be not so fun till you adjust to lower grips and different lines. Some cars works better than others too. Personally I really like Alfa Romeo GTA

More closeup cameras can be easily achieved by copying existing cam set, and changing minimum/maximum FOV values :)
Indeed getting better and better.
better and better, thank you guy
Thanks :-) immersive!!! dry and wet :-)
Good Track good Job. Thanks for this track
Thank you for continuing to improve this beauty.
A field of 60's and 50's sports cars and it's just like being at the Revival.
And yes please more British circuits.
Congratulations, top notch - looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Now THIS is how you create a track :)

As this is about finished, I'm curious what project you'll tackle next? Newbury? Castle Combe? Keep these British circuits coming :)
I don't know I am quite too busy for now. I would love to model a car or a few now, but time is tight. I have some beginnings for EType and Dtype, so still british :D
Just had some fun in 0.8. It feels great especially with older cars. Looks great too. I think airstrips need more definition, it is not that important from drivers perspective though. AI gets freaked out here and there but nothing that can`t be fixed in next updates :)
nicely done!
Big thanks :) 0.95 will have plenty of improvements, it is nearly done, needs some tweaking, including AI.
Loving it. Thanks for a great track!
Thank you for developing this track, truly awsome mod!!
Awesome work on the track, but how about some 3d grass to add that final polish ?
Thanks. Trust me there is plenty of final polishing to be done besides vertical grass. Also I'm not sure if I'll be adding 3D grass for the lawn. It is very eavenly cut and low IRL. Also not sure if I could keep stipes looking well. I will be adding 3D grass where there is weeds 10-30cm tall. About very low 3D grass where the lawn is - probably will experiment on it.

Really nice work dude, I used to work for a classic race team and we ran multiple cars for 12 consecutive years at the revival .. we regally won the Sussex trophy and achieved our goal of winning the TT with a Ferrari after 10 years of trying .... so i know this circuit well and just how dangerous it can be. There are never any small accidents at Goodwood ....

I've been lucky enough to drive various cars around the circuit during the revival (demo laps .. etc) including the Innes Ireland Ferrari 250 GTO so i remember just how fast and bumpy the circuit is in real life.

This is the first simulated version of Goodwood that feels right .... so well done for all your hard work, i've been driving the fantastic Ginetta Supercup 2017 mod car around it which is well suited to this circuit ... and its been fantastic fun and brought back a lot of great (and not so great) memories of this awsome British circuit.

With regards to the Wet Version ... might i suggest a fun alternative as AC does not really do Wet that well..

During the revival weekend the TT always took place at around 3PM on the Sunday .... after almost four days of historic and classic cars dumping all sorts of fluids on the track it was always in an awful condition, very greasy with lots of chalk dust everywhere which made the TT even more of a challenge. So how about evolving the wet version to simulate something like that .... could make for some spectacular online TT races.

Thanks for all your Hard work .. looking forward to seeing how this evolves even further.

Just tried a few laps with the Ferrari 312/67, feels amazing !
There's a way to give you 200 stars?! Totally LOVE this track, the WET one is the best track ever too. Love to slide around on it and try to keep the car under control. Many many thanks for your hard work :)
Thanks. Good words tops everything :)

Glad that you find wet version entertaining, I hope you noticed that there is more grip outside normal racing line :)
Great version of this track. Lot of fun with vintage cars. Thanks mate!
Six stars for you :D
Thank you !!
very good , i like goodwood and goodbumps thank you.