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Goodwood Circuit

Goodwood Circuit 0.99

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Goodwood Motor Circuit mod is created using LiDAR data. No guesswork involved.

When I found LiDAR data of Chichester (thanks to our forum community), I have decided that existing old Goodwood circuit mod can go to pension. I feel like my version is significantly better already. Take Goodwood Revival or Members Meeting spirit some pre 70s cars and have fun.

What is LiDAR ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidar

Don't be surprised that track is rather bumpy, it has many undulations, it is far from flat. Most cars feels very good, however few cars might feel not perfectly suited for this type of track and those are the ones which never raced in Goodwood.

Fake Wet layout is included for wet track placebo, don't be surprised that it is so slippery, 1"50 is a fast laptime at Goodwood when it is wet. Use alternative lines to get more grip, optimum lines has less grip. Pretty much first time in simracing when you'll have to search for grip in circuit :)

Whats left to do:
  • Revise some existing elements and textures;
  • Add more elements;
  • Final revision, and all needed corrections, if found;
  • Optimisation;

Andy Riches - For great help testing the track and preview videos;
Berniyh - Great help testing and preview video;
Norbs - For awesome camera sets;
LilSki - For teaching about intensity data, and for a very nice set of trees textures;
Kunos - for amazing sim, modding support and very comfortable modability.

Also big thanks for everyone who said nice words, motivating words, helping words.


A comparison video of version:

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4.95 star(s) 124 ratings

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Latest reviews

Thanks, a great addition to my track list.
This track is one of the best mods. This combined with vintage austin mini cooper racing is hilariously fun.
Great classic track, thank you !
This track plus the 64' Austin Mini Cooper S mod is an fantastic time. Probably the most fun I've had sim racing in a long, long time. Thank you again for your hard work on this awesome track!
Best mod track I've driven, excellent work! Perfectly suited to the Mk1 Cooper S!
Amazingly Done!
I own more than 120 tracks for AC, but this is on of the best 5. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much! A wonderful track with outstanding detail. Great fun to drive. The Goodwood chicane is a thrill every time!
Driven in SRS(20Mins races) and makes a ton of fun. Looks just awesome. As good for fragile Oldies as for Formula Truck Mod
I love the wet version.
great work
A definite keeper. I can only do realistic, scanned tracks now for the most part and this goes right along with the Kunos ones and others!
Excellent thanks
Your Making Me Day My Lola Thanks You She Loves this Track
thank you!
Outside of the AI maybe being a little slow, everything else is perfect.
This is a great circuit. I actually did a track day at Goodwood in September this year driving my Jaguar XKR and this version is extremely accurate in every detail. I haven't tried the wet version yet though.
Thanks for this great track.
It shows me the track but it won’t load any ideas people
I have no idea, perhaps something with time trial mode, or perhaps wrong path of instalation, a missing file somehow... i would be able to help a bit better through support forum, as ratings section is only meant for five stars and "thnx" (joke) :D
Totally enjoying this track with some cool mods like the Porsche 356A GS 1600. Great work!
Quality mod with quite nice graphics and good track feeling.
absolutely awesome track . Amazing improvement on the previous version
Gem of a circuit, nice work.
Huge step up with this, got such a good feel!
One of my favorite's in game
I've been racing this circuit in GTR 2 P&G mod, so it's a real pleasure to see such a good version in AC, now if only the GT Legends mod was available for the game.
hes building the best track in AC