good and bad weather

good and bad weather 3.3

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This mod will not continue.
All improvements of AC weather and further development of realistic surroundings are combined in the successor Sol:

good and bad conditions
HD-cloud textures included for realistic skies
custom sceneries of tracks (like autumn or winter) are not part of this mod

If you think, this is worth a donation. I would be glad.

compatible weather for online sessions:
(this weather do not need Content Manager)
1_heavy_fog, 2_light_fog, 3_clear, 4_mid_clear, 5_light_clouds, 6_mid_clouds, 7_heavy_clouds

For more default weather sets, have a look at:

not usable for online sessions / Content Manager requirement:
All weather named with "gbW" are not compatible for online usage and require "Content Manger". Its unique weather-loading feature is absolutely necessary for this modification. The weather inside this pack are designed to work best with the "real condition" function of CM - an automatic selection by live weather data.

Reshade for more brightness and better HDR
If you have problems to run Reshade, try this:
dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll
dxgi.ini to d3d11.ini

Thanks to Guillaume Francois

!!! Before installing - please remove prior version completely !!!

- 1 PPFilter + Reshade postprocessing (custom gbW shader)
- 7 default weather (heavy fog, light fog, clear, mid clear, light clouds, mid clouds, heavy clouds)
- 39 custom textured weather (clear/few,scattered,broken and heavy clouds/overcast/rain,drizzle,dust,fog)
- weather with custom particle effects (mud & spray)

- 8 dusks, dawns and nights
a comparison of all weather:

Dusks & Dawns:

Peter Boese
File size
362.9 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 151 ratings

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Latest updates

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Latest reviews

Very nice!
help me pls! when i tried to start f1 1988 championship. content manager says it is missing "105_gbw_hot" and always some of the tracks. well where i can get that weather file?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
The championship was made with an old version of this mod. Please be so kind and duplicate the folder "105_gbW_2_Summer" in the content/weather/ folder and name the new folder "105_gbw_hot". Now the championship will find the weather.
I donwloaded GBW so long ago i forgot about it, and ended up thinking it was included in CM, only today to discover when telling a friend "use weather/GBW ones" and that he didn't have them... it was this good & bad weather all along! Yet i'm playing with this every single game, wondering what condition next i will drive with!
It's a marvelous work you've done, it's giving a new youth to the game and incredible feelings in some tracks (LA Canyons to name one), never have i ever enjoyed so much driving under overcast!
Merci !
Thanks for shared your fantastic job!
Programs that must be installed
This just keeps on getting better - thanks for your continued development of this must have mod for Assetto- Kudos Peter.
Many thanks for the great Content Manager and the game changing weather! 5 Stars isn't enough for this masterpiece.
This is mandatory for all AC drivers. However I wonder if there is a chance to mix the day filter with for a example a whitenight and again a day in order to imitate 24h cycle?!
This mod is simply the best weather mod ever. The post-processing filter included boosted my fps by +10fps. Only thing to remark is that if races get cancelled by no reason, try installing Reshade from the official web page This solved the issue for me!
Wow awesome job , thanks mate !
Holy **** you’re an artist! The difference is ridiculous, this rivals project cars 2, seriously. Thankyou.
Well done, sir! Now the driving is more enjoyable! However, I wonder if the Autumn/Winter trees and road textures are not included? Or I do have to activate them like the custom particles?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Thank You...

This is just the weather mod with custom weathers, postprocessing filters and custom reshade settings and effects. The autumn scenery is not part of this mod. It will be released later, included in the RBS mod.

I took the pictures for the autumn weather while doing the autumn scenery for Red Bull Ring. It will be released soon...
I can't get the environment to change color
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
What??? Wrong post?
Hi Peter !

I've just tried your new release (i've stop playing AC for a few month), with different cars and tracks (and weather of course).

And it's a blast !

I don't know what you can add but the result right now it just amazing !

Thanks a million times, i think it's one the things that keep me playing AC !
Incredible job. One question: what are the differences between _gbW and _gbW AE pp filters? Thanks in advice.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how absolutely amazing and valuable your work is. Much appreciated.

I've always looked for something to bring that lifelike light that GT (and now GT Sport) is so good at to AC and always failed at finding a complete package combining post processing, clouds (most important IMO) and weather with color curves. Well Sir, you have done it!

This really brings AC to life and the implementation and integration with CM plus the ease of use and well documented step by step instruction is second to none.

I'm still playing with my own PP filter as my preference is somewhat on the larger than life side when it comes to contrast and color but with your work as a basis I'll finally be able to reach my multi year journey to find the 'perfect' filter.

I know it's way out there but given the impressive work you've already accomplished with weather, spray and surface conditions - can we hope for some sort of wet road surface/rain/snow implementation? Your working on anything like that.

In any case, thank you very much.

good ...and color saturation... 100%???
This mod gets better and better every update and I don't know how