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good and bad weather SUITE

good and bad weather SUITE 2.5.2

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This mod will not continue.
All improvements of AC weather and further development of realistic surroundings are combined in the successor Sol:


gbwSuite is a complete weather package to have realistic weather surroundings in Assetto Corsa.

Reshade 4.0 update:
- fixed MagicBloom shader
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ap9zaxeasro89n4/gbW Suite Reshade 4_0.rar?dl=0

A detailed manual with installation instructions is included. PLEASE read it!
!!! Installation via CM is not working !!!

The complex weather of gbwSuite are not compatible for online racing and require Content Manger. Its unique weather-loading feature is absolutely necessary for this modification. Please read the manual for easy weather selection. BUT, high quality default weather (with gbW textures) for online racing are included!

But what is the big deal with gbwSuite?
From version 2.0, the weather of gbwSuite are created dynamically. With the Content Manager feature “procedural weather generation” it is possible to create the files:
• weather.ini, colorcurves.ini
• filter.ini
• tyre_smoke.ini, tyre_smoke_grass.ini
and adapt the weather to important parameters like the given time. Now, static values – like FOG – are perfectly matchable with the scenery. This makes a huge difference to static weather.

If you think, this is worth a donation. I would be glad.

Be sure to use the latest version of Content Manager (version 0.8.1829.34599 or later) !

user's screenshots:

made by @blackcelica

________________ official promo pictures ________________




Realistic temperature visuals:



Night fog and many more night effects

custom sceneries of tracks (like wet surface, autumn or winter) are not part of this mod

Latest updates

  1. Wet Mod 2.0 support, Bugfixes and sun path corrections of many more tracks

    --- CHANGELOG of gbwSuite --- 2.5.2 - now a logic GMT is used, when no useful location data...
  2. bugfixes and CM's race DATE selection

    You need CM version 0.8.1829.34599 --- CHANGELOG of gbwSuite --- 2.5.1 - support for race...
  3. Correct Global Sun Position, bad weathers and and and ...

    Do a manual installation, Install via CM is not working! And as always, please read the...

Latest reviews

I'm not sure, (but I believe it's correlated) but after downloading the mod and trying to use it or any other weather or setting for that matter it'll say race canceled... Any Ideas? Is it because I was trying to run it on top of sol? I wanted to use this instead of sol b/c I'm trying to use a very early version of shaders pack (.32) It's really frustrating because I can't use Assetto Corsa at all.
Hello, I was wondering why the cars were ultra bright like, blindly bright haha, still living 5* casue I'm 100% sure this mod is amazing!
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Due to changes in CSP, you have to switch off "dynamic ambient light" in the lightingFX Tab!
Can you tell me please what difference between good and bad weather SUITE 2.5.2 AND good and bad weather 3.3 ?

Thank you for your work Peter !
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
GBW 3.3 uses vanilla sun position and just has a low and a high value for things like sun, sky, ambient... gbwSuite uses an own sun position calculated by the GPS coords of the track and is possible to do night. gbwSuite is static, so no dynamic change via time. But both mods are discontinued because of their successor SOL, which gives dynamic day/night cycle.
do i run this with sol. or is this a replacement of sol. so confused so many mods for weather fx etc. and its not a good idea to mix them up. dyn weather is great but sometimes i might just want to race in the fog. or race at dawn or dusk. or with slight rain with broken clouds sometimes sunlight if it looks good. =)
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Just look at the date. Last update of gbwSuite was in Nov 2018. Sol came out Jan 2019. Sol is the successor of gbwSuite and is completely independent of gbwSuite. So just use Sol and don't use the "gbw" stuff anymore...
Hello, I have a issue, when I set : Dyn_Rain heavy + Wet track like Silverstone, my car appear to be dark like on this photo :


I read the PDF for installation.

Any idea of what's wrong ? Is fine for normal weather
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
With the last versions of Shader Patch (since preview 41) the Modul weatherFX is activated by default. It seems it's not working right. There must be an error, it halts then. If you use gbwSuite, please deactivate weatherFX.
Hi, very good mod but i have a problem: the time clock in game non corresponds of the clock in CM! (It' always 1h - 1h30min ahed real time) How can i fix it?
Absolutely love this! As I enjoy taking photos in game, it's a real bonus. Thanks for all your hard work.
very good app, but where can i find re-shade 4.0.2?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
https://reshade.me/ and then read page 17 of the gbwSuite manual how to update Reshade by yourself....
I'm staggered, beautiful.
This is amazing, I love it. The only problem is that for example in Canadian Tire with Clear weather (the one from assetto) at 23 degrees it's too bright, how can I fix it?
Beautifully done, it add another dimension to AC.
You can pick the real weather at the moment of racing with track conditions according to the weather.
I love it!
It's beautiful. Wow! Well done. And thank you. Brings new life to AC
really good weather present.but i have problem,my time multiplier not working at all.if i choose 8:00-18:00,it's OK ,but if i choose other time like 0:00.time just stop working,it's just stop in 0:00. i don't know why and how to fix the problem.
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
It makes no difference if time is moving or not. gbwSuite has no time progression. It will all come with the successor Sol.
This is taking the visual quality to a much higher level. Well done.
just great! thx
i have a problem, i tried to update the reshade shaders 4.0.1 from the official site, then i installed it, but when i launch assetto corsa i don't see any overlay and it seems that it is not installed it, can someone help me please?
Peter Boese
Peter Boese
Just look in the gbwSuite manual, how to install Reshade manually - page 17!
Peter Boese
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