Gokart Shifter update

Gokart Shifter update 1

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Never saw this on Assetto-Land before. Thanks for making the shifter version. Can you make an update with a proper title, author and version and link? I changed it myself in Content Manager but that will help other people keep the versions straight as time passes. :)
they are different the only thing I have is if you can give them 6 gears and just a fraction more turning circle and they would be close to a super kart but top stuff anyway.
That kart is just so dang cool. I've been wondering if someone would ever make it a shifter. Thanks so much. 25 stars
Hey. Great to hear! I was also wondering if someone would make it a shifter and then I decided to try it myself XD! It is not perfect but I'm working on small gear updates so that the gears will be smoother. :D