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GoDaddy Danica Patrick No. 10 Nascar Tribute Corvette C7R 1.0

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This a skin that I made some time ago, but forgotten about it (lol), this car always stand out to me on races, so I wanted to make a version to race with on Assetto Corsa, so I made it.


Sorry for the low quality, it's only a 2k one, I will try to make a better resolution one If you want me to.

Skin it's made for the standard C7R that assetto corsa come with.

Crafted with love!


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Great Job
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oooo great idea, thank You, Danica Patrick is cool :)
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Thanks for the rating man! And yes she is!
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Super livery !!
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Thanks man!
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Great and fine work as usual, thank you very much ! ;-)
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it!
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Jose Mendoza
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