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Glowing Disc brake Removal option

Glowing Disc brake Removal option 2016-06-18

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A simple mod that removes the glowing disk brakes that too frequently occurs on all cars


To Install: Dirt Rally > Cars > generics *Replace the file in your desired car class folder

Remember to backup original files

Latest reviews

Thank you very much for this addition, I put it only in the "Historic" folder. ;-) This is a necessary file to "repair" an historical mistake in this great rally simulation..
One thing that really bugged me.
Now its much better!!
Max Attack
Max Attack
Cheers, glad to hear it!
Mesa, Its as realistic as GTA Backfire. Brilliant Mod.
Max Attack
Max Attack
Haha, yeah that happened way too often basically!
Amazing attention to detail. It's the little things that we love!
Max Attack
Max Attack
Thanks, glad you like it!
Those example pics are in daylight.....
It's a nice mod and i understand the reasoning, though braking is used heavily in rally which is why it comes on so easily.
I would agree that some of the older/smaller cars shouldn't show it as easily as the modern faster stuff.
Max Attack
Max Attack
Thanks for the honest review, the mod gives you the option to swap out specific classes if you don't like it happening on older cars.
Max Attack
Max Attack
Unrealistic as in "it happens to every car". I think you'll find that most rally cars will never reach such an anormous amount of friction to cause the effect. It also boils down to the material of discs used. The effect shouldn't be as apparent in daylight either. But aside from that, I appreciate the rating pal!
Max Attack
Max Attack
No problem
Max Attack
File size
9.5 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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