Gloves Prada sport 0.1

Some style in AC

  1. batdan72
    Let's put some style in AC:)
    For the gentlemen drivers!
    Alcantara texture in Antracite grey or Moka.


    1. Screenshot_bmw_v12lmr_aosta_grand_sport_v2.0_1-1-2015-18-49-58.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. whaletail
    Version: 0.1
    Used to be a huge Prada fan back in the day!

    Very cool skin.

    Now we need a Jilsander driving suit!
    1. batdan72
      Author's Response
      Thanks...we also like Jilsander:)
      But when I have time I'll prepare a Prada tolal-look:suit,helmet.
      This is a must for my 458 black+red leather.