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Glickenhaus SCG Thunder Racingteam 1.0

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It's quite fun such a military airplane/battletech camo spaceship (DeviantArt style I may say), suit very well this car :).

Great livery, IMHO it would be even better with a mat finish (adding a skin map full black texture), default gloss finish makes it odd.
badass skin, amazing job. Any chance you can make this same style for the CR7? cheers
Top notch stuff! Thank you!
Let's be real here: the SCG 003 looks like a jet fighter. I love that this skin embraces that. The finer details too are excellent. Small things like the riveting in the skin and aircraft-style panels really bring out the character here. All that's missing is the warthog nose or sharks mouth like an A-10 ;). I'm still trying to understand the Baltimore Ravens logo though...
THX!! Greetings, QT
Great work! Thx
nice work
Thx for sharing.
Awful harsh 123.... dont see any of your skins. :\
Hm, i see all, what do you mean ??
Nice skin! But maybe you should place this in the AC Skins section and not tyres ;)
This is not a standalone car, this a skin. Wrong category.
sorry my deafult, i report my mistake hope they delete it fast.