Ginetta GT4 SuperCup Skin Pack & Texture Upgrade Patch

Ginetta GT4 SuperCup Skin Pack & Texture Upgrade Patch v1.2

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Hi Guys

Here's something I started a while back and decided to finally finish the pack.

I just want to thank the following guys first, credits as quoted by ThatAudiFan


- Mrw (Markus Windisch): Original VHVGT4 mod for GTR2.
- SargentSam: Conversion to AMS and updates to the models.

Special thanks to MRW SimRacing for allowing the conversion of this mod, and SargentSam for
all the hard work he put into the conversion. I (ThatAudiFan) only packed the mod together,
and took care of the upload. Therefore all credits to Markus and Sam!

Thanks Guys!

Special thanks to the following skin creators in no specific order:

Amigos Beer: jack.seller33
Kenson: jack.seller33
CWS: jack.seller33
Douglas Motorsport: jack.seller33
KX Team Hansford: jack.seller33
Tripple M: jack.seller33
Twisted: jack.seller33
Rob Boston: jack.seller33
Maxxis: scimitarboy
Supergreen Racing: PsyaNyde

Other than my updates I cannot take any credits for all the skins.

I've simply gathered some of the finest talent Racedepartment has to offer and converted their skins for you guys.

Some skin creators are missing as I am unable to find the source of those used from the skin packs in this upload.

Please send me a PM if one of these skins are yours or if I have forgotten to mention you and I would be very happy to add proper credits, thank you!

Update details v1.1 + v1.2:

- New interior windshield
- Better mesh grille


Update details:

- Skin Pack added (18 Skins, all optimized)
- New Michelin tire's added
- New Brembo brake Calipers added
- New brake discs
- New Michelin interior and exterior windows for all cars
- Carbon rear wing with Michelin and Carlube logos added for all cars
- New mesh grille added
- Wheel rims reworked
- Complete rework of the interior with new texture's, details and shaders
- Various textures reworked
- Cam file added
- Series file and icon added




Installation guided:

- You must have the EEC GT4 v1.3 Mod installed and running before you can install my skin pack and upgrade patch!

- I recommend that you backup the Ginetta_G55_GT4 folder from the download before you install my download.

- Once you have downloaded the EEC GT4 Mod and installed (working), you can now install my download and allow new cam file to overwrite as needed.

- My files are only texture updates and will not affect any other car files from the Ginetta.

I have left all updated textures outside the mas. file should you want to make any edits of yourself and to revert back to the original mod you can easily delete them.


If anyone needs help or has any problems with the installation please use the support section and I will be happy to help you.

Or you can send me a private mail, thank you!


***The mod does have it's own series file and icon***

If you like what you see your review will be appreciated and please review my work only, thank you!

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Tracks, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:

Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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I liking adding new content for myself, keeps it interesting and always share the work I do so am happy when I get a response like this, makes it worth it.
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I still spend a lot of time with AMS compared to other sims and like the modding side of it.
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Very nicely done. Lots of fun to drive. I hope ThatAudiFan may want to upgrade his GT4 version in line with these wonderful skins. Thank you for sharing.
I know that there will be some updates soon, hopefully.
He did ask me if he could use the Porsche GT4 Clubsport upgrade patch I did and is more than welcome to use this upgrade patch too.

I have a really nice GT4 Series which includes all eight cars, six skins a piece with all the general updates and am still busy with some.

Will wait to see what the next update is from them and will most likely upload my series as a add-on with all the little extras.

Thanks for the review!