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Ginetta G55 GT4 v0.61

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Hello all. I have created a new thread for this car to avoid confusion. After a few months of work, I can finally say I'm happy to release an updated Ginetta G55 mod! Originally modeled by Bzyku, I was granted permission to update his work after he halted progress on the car due to wheel issues.

First things first, this is not a completely overhauled, brand new Ginetta. We all loved the previous Ginetta, so I kept as much as I could as-is. This has had to be a side project for me, as I have little time to work, hence why small updates have taken a long time:p.

Big things still to change unfortunately still include LODs. However a data.acd is supplied, so get ready to race online!

The biggest changes without doubt is the power. I have spoken directly with Ginetta regarding data. And they were able to supply me with torque curves for the Ford v6 engine used in the g55. Only slight alterations over the old data were needed, but you will have more power higher up the rev range, and less lower down. Small gearing changes to accommodate this means the car will no longer ping off the rev limiter at 135mph, but reach a more natural stopping around 145-150mph.

Small alterations include a little weight gain to an overall 1195kg. This is to bring the car in-line with 2015 g55 supercup regulations, as stated in the handbook.

Sounds of course come from the legendary Fonsecker. His mod is amazing and he has made some small alterations for the update. So a huge thanks for letting me use them as part of this mod.

I would also like to thank Bzyku for letting me work on his creation, always a great mod, I hope I have kept the spirit of the car and done this justice!

Also thanks to Festa_PWR for his work on the Fox Motorsport British GT skin.

And finally, a huge thanks to the guys over on the Stop Drop Gaming forum. All helping to get behind this mod and test the updates, producing great data for me in in race and hot-lap scenarios.

Latest reviews

This car is way to easy. It is driving like always all assists are forced on.
great car, thanks
I have always enjoyed the G55 and this mod is no acception. I would like to have an AT though
Very good, this is a good rival for Maserati GT4.
Great car excellent mod. Pity it will not work in automatic mode for keyboard users as gear changes are manual. Perhaps this could be sorted in any updates. Thanks.
Excellent work, any new update? i think is the perfect rival for the Maserati Mc Gt4, so i think is the moment for the Ginetta. Please update this great car and having more Gt4 cars
Congratulations for this great mod and thank you very much
5 Stars for you!!!
Wow this car is amazing! I have been having a lot of fun at Brands Hatch. Someone should start a championship :). Great Work keep it up.
Great car, but I noticed the brake lights do not work unless you have post processing enabled, can this be fixed ? the official cars brake lights work just fine with post processing disabled.
Excellent ! I love the sound of this car.
Very good modelisation too. and good feeling.

I look forward with eager anticipation to the forthcomings updates (LOD files). And maybe, if it could be possible to add (ajust) the new camera (since the 1.6 , I guess).

This mod with these two things = Paradise, heaven :)

Very good job ! Thanks !
Many thanks - nice car! :)
Thank you
Two words: Top notch!
Thanks mate!
Really like this mod, it could be added to the official game easily. It's a top work! Congrats!
Excellent Mod! 5*

You can watch the Car here:

Thx for this Mod!
Fantastic work, I absolutely appreciate your effprts!!
... and for me the chance to promote my skin pack for this car agian :-) for who is interested.
Thanks for update this mod. I love this car
Love the car, my new favourite. Is it just me or the car doesn't have seats?
love this mod since it's first release. great job with the update!
Always loved this mod, so fun to drive in fields of 20+ ;)

Keep up the good work author !! Took .8 of my PB at brands, so would say the extra power is helping just enough :)

Just joined a league to race these over at;

Be nice to see a full grid of good, clean, respectful racers !! Tell em i sent ya ;)
Been waiting for a proper update, now there's that McLaren 570S GT4 that McLaren announced ;) Porsche Cayman GT4 would also be nice :)