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Ginetta G55 GT4 0.55

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We are pleased to announce, that the early stage of Ginetta G55 GT4 mod is finished, and now we are entering in open beta, becouse we want to share the joy of riding with You.
A lot of work is still ahead of us, but "the juice" is ready. Feel free to ride and comment (even those "boooing" comments are apreciated ;) ).
Give us all of Your feedback and we see, what can we do to make our Ginetta G55 GT4 mod better.

_____STILL TO DO______

- hand/driver animation
- there's only one LOD
- dirt textures
- damage
- sounds (placeholder from Lotus evora gx)
- car physics (could be better - if You want to help, please contact with us)
- tires physics (like in upper line - You know how to do that better? contact us :) )
- driver seat and a lot of elements from interior.
(that's all, what we remember ;) )


- Modelling, textures, shaders: Maciej "Bzyq" Bak
- Physics: Maciej "Bzyq" Bak
- Engine Physics:
- Beta testing and help with physics:Michal "retsam" Omelan
- Beta testing: Matias


Latest updates

  1. Ginetta G55 GT4

    v0.55 01/12/2014 - Added tamplates for rims - New material/shaders settings - Some new body parts
  2. physics patch

    ______CHANGELOG________ v 0.5 20/11/2014 - Corrected Final drive ratio - Corrected values for...
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Latest reviews

Was fun to drive when it worked, but as of 03/02/16, it does not. Game simply boots back to the menu when you try to enter a track with this car
This car deserves so much love - download Fonseckers sound mod (from RD), and fix the aero.ini file by deleting the DATA section (file lives in AssettoCorsa/Content/Cars) and you have one of the best mods around - I love racing this car around Snetterton, especially.
Nice car, but not working in AC vers. 1.1.4 or 1.1.6 :-/
this is IMO the best mod for AC
Found this link to a fix on The Sim Review. Haven't tried it yet though.
Fantastic drive!! Good job on the car, looks nice. Waiting for a new release compatible with v1.1
Doesnt seem to work anymore with Version 1.1. When it tries to load the car it beaks up and return to Menu.
Looks good, drives well.
Awesome work, thanks!
Propably the most communicative FFB I've experienced in any sim, ever.
Sicario Del Toro
Very nice car
Amazing! Can't wait for the lods to be released! I find it more immersive with the sound mod on AC's forum.
I really really like this car ! I made a video about it, comparing it to a real Ginetta at Donington Park. Maybe you like it :
Speed is nearly equal. Thanks for this fun car. Cant wait to drive it online against others.
This Car is really coming along! Please keep it up and Building this Fine car you have. And, Thank you for all your work. You are Appreciated, A Lot for all you are doing!....................=)
Such a sweet handling car, very enjoyable.
N!!!CE CAR tyvm for Sharing vroummmm :)
FFB is awesome! Heavy and immersive! Thanks
Great job, love this car, handling is very good.
The Ginetta is fantastic! Many thanks!
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