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Gifu Box Upfit

Gifu Box Upfit 1.1.1

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Gifu Box Upfit
Replaces the Gifu's septic tank with a box upfit!
ModLoader Pro OR ModLoader Compatibility References Tool (if using MSCLoader) required!

This mod replaces the Gifu's septic tank with a box upfit, allowing you to haul large capacities of cargo! It has a rear ramp door that can be opened by buttons in the cabin (next to the switch for the beacon lights). The Box Gifu also offers a longer wheelbase over the standard Gifu. There's even support for custom textures, so you can create your own skins for the rear box if you want to!

There is also a towing hook in the rear box, allowing you to haul vehicles with it if you should need to. However this is not recommended, as due to MSC's physics, vehicles may slide around in the back, even with the handbrake applied. So haul vehicles only at your own risk!
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Latest updates

  1. Gifu Box Upfit 1.1

    -Fixed bug with buttons not working after reloading save. -Fixed bug where ramp "unlatching"...

Latest reviews

i cant load satsuma to box :(
The mod isn't designed for transporting vehicles. If you do want to transport vehicles, try using the "Planks" mod to get them up the ramp, some vehicles (i.e Satsuma) might not make it up the ramp..
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Nice work on the mod! c:
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