Giant Bomb Livery (Lotus Exos T125) 1.01

Lotus Exos 125 S1 Livery based on the personality driven gaming website,

  1. QuickFixMedic
    This is my first custom livery since learning how to create them. It was a long struggle but I genuinely enjoyed it. Fittingly enough, most of the time I was watching Giant Bomb videos to pass the time.
    Please RATE and give me honest, open critique! Much appreciated!
    Donations appreciated if you'd like.

    I hope you all enjoy the Livery! Welcome to the Lang Zone ;)
    1p01.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exos_125_s1_spa_11-8-115-17-40-25.jpg Screenshot_lotus_exos_125_s1_spa_11-8-115-17-49-24.jpg
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