GET REAL: Realistic & Immersive Drivers for Classic Cars & Invitational Events 0.95

Classic Car Mod for real driver Names for invitational events - ENJOY

  1. PR3D4TOR

    I made this simple mod to create a more immersive and realistic feel to these invitational classic car events. (also works in any other instance where classic cars are involved)

    Please Note:
    Modding on this game is limited and this is ONLY an edited text-file, so i did not influence in which cars/events these drivers appear! National flags are still correct though.

    Please Note 2:
    These are my personal picks, English version only. Feel free to add sugesstions but i might not care at all.


    Installation-Instructions (Drag & Drop: !BACKUP!):
    Replace the "language_en.Ing" in your F1 2017/localisation folder with the one file provided. Make a backup of the old one first because if you want to revert back you have to repair download the game via Steam!

    Tried to make it somewhat realistic, see for yourself:


    Lucas Roth -> Lucas Auer
    Austrian DTM-Driver, was at the Young-Drivers Test @ Hungary. Mabye a future F1-Driver. Liked to put him in there since Lauda is a bit too old imo.

    Jay Letourneau -> Jaques Villeneuve
    I tried to find a good driver but theres only Villeneuve, sorry.

    EDIT: -> Nice to see people getting triggered by that line. Chill-Out pals & gals, just a joke. B-b-but ... IT will still stay here. If you have a problem with that check out the U L T R A serious line below Jan Magnussen a few lines down from here.

    Gert Waldmuller -> Ralf Schumacher
    Nice to see the name Schumacher back i guess. Could not pick Michael due to obvious health-reasons. #KeepFighting

    Julian Quesada -> Fernando Alonso
    Why the hell would anyone not want F. Alonso in these events? Legend

    Marie Laursen -> Jan Magnussen
    S.. my Balls mate 1.0

    Arron Barnes -> David Coulthard
    Must have on any classic car race

    Martin Giles -> Martin Brundle
    Yeah i know hes pretty old right now but well he is very present on F1 so i figuered, pick him. Might replace him with Jenson Button though!

    Callisto Calabresi -> Jarno Trulli
    This is TRU LI amazing, isnt it?

    Jonas Schiffer -> Gerhard Berger
    Not many alternatives from Austria these days. (i am from austria but well im no F1 Driver, sorry)

    Peter Belousov -> Vitaly Petrov
    V. Putin would also have been funny but i chose Alonsos favorite Renault driver (Anyone remembers?)

    Wilhelm Kaufmann -> Heinz-Harald Frentzen
    Good driver, deserved to be on my list.

    Naota Izumi -> Takuma Sato
    Sato-San is also here, yeah.

    Alex Murray -> Paul Di Resta
    Why not? He could stick with the reporting stuff if he does not know how to get out of the way if a car approaches from behind
    (C) KimiTheSavior

    Yasar Atiyeh -> Hamad Al Fardam
    Did not even know this guy before researching.

    Howard Clarke -> Scott Speed
    Kinda a meh driver but what can you do.

    Noah Visser -> Jos Verstappen
    The Boss is back.

    Flavio Nieves -> Pedro de la Rosa
    Also here

    Esto Saari -> Mika Häkkinen
    My fav. F1 driver of all time. Legend.

    Santiago Moreno -> J.P. Montoya

    Like a horse with horns? No its JP-Montoya. Oh deeeer.

    Benjamin Coppens -> Jérôme d'Ambrosio
    Yeah, try find someone else.

    Sophie Levasseur -> Olivier Panis
    Panis is back! Yay!

    Igor Correia -> Rubens Barrichello
    Had to be him.

    Alain Forest -> Alain Prost
    Iconic but maybe not suitable in 2017 to race a F1 car.

    Klimek Michalski -> Robert Kubica
    Renaults 2018 driver.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Aksu593
    Version: 0.95
    Awesome mod! As a Trulli fanboy I love that you put him in! I wish Damon Hill was here too though...
  2. daveneverend
    Version: 0.95
    french plsss
  3. Dynosu
    Version: 0.95
    Thank you very much for this mod. Makes the classic races/events a bit more fun.
  4. mrflp
    Version: 0.95
    GREAT JOB !!! how program you use to edit .ing files ?
    1. PR3D4TOR
      Author's Response
      EGO Language Editor by ryder25
  5. PurSpyk
    Version: 0.9
    Good by Montoya has his first name as part of his surname?
    1. PR3D4TOR
      Author's Response
      Thank you,
  6. Christiceman
    Version: 0.9
    nicely done, could you do one with legends race driver even if they realistically able to race?
    1. PR3D4TOR
      Author's Response
      I could do that but then you might have Senna racing in a 2010 Red Bull unfort.
      I do not know how to influence this.
  7. SHINR4
    Version: 0.9
    Great job , like the work and the comments xD

    it's possibile to make an italian version?
    1. PR3D4TOR
      Author's Response
      I might add other languages later, bit of work to do :)
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