German Language Fix with Ocon mod 1.2

Use this version if you're use the Esteban Ocon mod

  1. SE7en.
    This version is for the Ocon mod users

    I've fixed some of the mistakes Codemasters have made in the german language.
    I've also changed the tyre names back to the english names, because everyone says Softs instead of weiche Reifen.

    "Platzierung Fahrermeisterschaft" = "Punkte Fahrermeisterschaft" (Laptop)
    "Renault Sport Formular One Team" = "Renault Sport Formula One Team"
    "Williams Racing" = "Williams Martini Racing"
    "Abschließen" = "Klar" (Wetter)
    "Ausscheiden" = "Ausgeschieden"
    "Keine Rivalität" = "Rückstand in der Rivalität"
    "Startaufstellung [...] des Rennens umgestellt" = "Startaufstellung [...] des Rennens aufgestellt"
    "besiegen" = "besiege" (Quali-, Rennerwartungen)
    "Räumen" = "Freie Strecke" (Monitor)
    "Safety-Car in dieser Runde" = "Safety-Car kommt diese Runde rein"

    If you know any other mistakes in the german language tell me in the comments.

Recent Reviews

  1. See0ne
    Version: 1.2
    ohne ocon würde ich 5 sterne geben
    1. SE7en.
      Author's Response
      there is a version without ocon. i've created this version since it was requested by a few people
  2. destinationriver
    Version: 1.0
    Yea I requestet it, now it's brilliant. Thanks :)
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