GenTrack1 095

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I know you are not going to like this... but...
You are a Genious!
This is the most adrenalinic track in ac point Try with the exos, it's an adrenaline rush! and the quality is stellar! Kudos to you!
Jesus h Christ, this track is awesome, I really can't believe some of the quality stuff from you guys, this tracks up there with the best of them and it looks beautiful, thanks dude, I feel a little guilty tbh, because I'm getting these downloads that have clearly been worked so hard on and give nothing back in the way of content myself, I just wished I had some of this talent. SUPERB
Let's going this up ...Also waiting first cars mods..anyway
Are you kidding me? This is a beautiful sweet short track. The trees, The hills in the horizon, the grass near the road, all the little touches, in my first laps, I found myself going off the track cause I was admiring the scenery!

The layout is also very good, minimal curvy and fast, it doesn't have aggressive corners, I think it΄s ideal for the bmw, lotus roadsters.

Well done, sir!
Kudos!! Excellent track.
Best looking mod track - great layout and really fun to drive
Dire stupenda è poco...The best track
The best looking add-on track for AC, looks like one of the official tracks that came with the game. 100% better than these bumpy, low res, no pitboxs, no cam overly bright RFactor conversions, simply stunning work please continue.