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Gentlemen RallyCross 2015-07-10

Quick and agressive races on mud and asphalt

  1. chuky500
    Gentlemen Rallycross is a fictional circuit, scratch made, meant for quick and agressive races with a small number of drivers. There are 18 pits, but the idea is to have fun with for example 6 drivers and 5 laps. One lap is about 1min 10s.

    The idea :
    - Part of the track is made of mud, and part of the track is asphalt.
    - It includes a joker lane, in mud, that makes the track a bit longer.
    - The joker lane must be driven once during the race, and only once.

    The implementation :
    - The Joker portion is counted as a cut. This is on purpose.
    - With the Pitlane Penalty app and a config made for it, when you drive through the joker lane, the app informs the other drivers that you have cut (therefore you have taken the joker lane).
    - At the end of the race, you look in the chat that every driver has taken the joker (or they're disqualified).

    To learn the track I recommend a traction car and to assign a button for the handbrake, like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta LE. Rwd and fwd cars without a handbrake can be fun as well but can be harder.

    Most of the scenery objects are free models from Turbosquid.com
    Track by chuky

    Buildings by Kimerling
    Hunter and his dog statue by John Gibson scanned by Lincoln
    Pig by ant00N
    Horse by mozzy

    Let the pleasure begin !

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Recent Reviews

  1. DanTDBV
    Version: 2015-07-10
    This is great fun.
    It is the kind of racing, that is done on the Nisseringen track, I'm building
  2. Zakwil
    Version: 2015-07-10
    Good first rallycross track !
  3. NelsSenior
    Version: 2015-07-10
    Very funny, Thx !
  4. Lightcruiser
    Version: 2015-07-10
    I like it!! GJ
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