GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser #19

GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser #19 1.4

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This is the new livery of the GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser - Team for the 2020 season. The all female line-up starts into the season with a ROARRRR!!; displaying a beautiful art car designed to look like comic pages.


Personally I really loved the livery at first sight, so I decided to take the challenge and recreate it. I paid a lot of attention to the details. If you see a bigger mistake, please let me know. The design process was made relatively public through the graphic studio who made the car. The team also has a beautiful homepage with lots of pictures, which helped me a lot in the creation of this beauty.

Please compare the car to the on-track pictures, as there are some photos of early versions as well as some W.I.P. shots.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Once there are more pictures, i might be updating the livery with the correct overalls, gloves and pit crew. Maybe. So far I wasn't able to find good ones of that.
For the skin i used Photoshop, working in double-resolution. I tried to be faithful to the real car, while adapting the livery for the Huracan GT3, as they use the Evo version in real life.
I also tried to make transitions between the different parts as smooth as i was able to. Especially the hood was tricky, but it came out great in my opinion.

In the download you'll find 4 version:
- Kunos 4k
- Kunos Standard
- Endu 4k
- Endu Standard

The Kunos one is for the normal GT3 Huracan. 4k is the one with doubled resolution.
The Endu one has an additional .config file from this mod:

If you have the mod installed, you know should have some additional green lighting on the front grill, as well as a lumi rank in the windows.
It also comes in both resolutions.



Latest updates

  1. GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser #19

    I now added the crew, driver suit and a few more additional files. I had them done them months...

Latest reviews

What a fantastic skin! Love it.
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Wonderful work for this skin which is a pure piece of art ! <3
Thanks a lot for sharing your time and your talent. ;-)
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Looks great, love seeing the Endu lights added.
The Endu-Lights were added with the last update in january ;) I now added the driver suit, pitcrew, and stuff like that. Glad you like it
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Amazing skin! Thanks for sharing!
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fantastic, mega, awesome, props to you who put a big heart & patience to work in attention to detail. just 5 stars will never get enuf for this
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Great work on such a complex skin
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Beautiful car! A really good job of You!
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Awesome skin and great work! Always in need of well done real world liveries.
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Wonderful, thank you very much!!
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I can only imagine how difficult it was to recreate this one. You did a fantastic job!
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nice job
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Thank you
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awesome work!!!!
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Great job!
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great skin, the field gets more complete by the day
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Nice skin!
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