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GB Motorsport (Great Britain) 1.0.0.

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So the story line has actually two ways
how to play it...

1. You play it like a new team.
(basic my team)
2. You play it the original way I planed to
and thats after bankrupt -> you’ve been
put under administration of Great Britain new national
motor sport team GB Motorsport that already been
interested in Le Mans and NASCAR and now with this
oppourtunity will be in f1.

Install: ERP f1_vehicle_package > teams > fom_car > wep > *fom_car.erp* find livery_f170_01_d.tif and find livery_f170_01_s.tif and for the numbers find fom_driver_*number*

If you have problem with resolution of livery in game, you need to import s.dds file to the d.tif file and then import the the gbmotorsport.dds
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