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Gawr Gura Itasha for Suzuki Alto HA230V

Gawr Gura Itasha for Suzuki Alto HA230V 1.0

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Another Itasha! This time featuring everybody's favourite SHAAAK for the NA 660 Series Suzuki Alto HA23V.


Inspired by the fact that the Alto is small and mighty fun! Just like our resident Atlantean.


A gradient paint job, inspired by both Renault's recent F1 livery and Gura's own outfit.


Sponsors chosen only because their main colour is blue or white. (Suzuki Sport happens to fit the bill, coincedentally)


Peep the face of a man who yearns to make the "AKB48" of vTubers. Of course, the race number is meme-y and totally impractical.


"When opponents give you a HOO-CHA! you just have to HOO-CHA them back!" - Smol Shark or something, c.2020.


Warning: Driving this car will make you look like a shrimp. Spot the City Pop Shark on the instrument cluster.


I mean, It's not entirely unheard of for racing teams to be sponsored by news networks, right?


Distinguishable from a distance! Kinda. Not really.

Anyway, hope you enjoy whooshing around tracks in a hydrodynamic car. Art sources are included in the readme file. Don't forget to catch Gura's streams on YouTube. Enjoy!

P/S - Check the reverse side of the rear-view mirror ;)
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Latest reviews

very well done thank you
This is great, thank you.
Very nice work, congrats!
Very well done and it suits the car pretty well.
Also, this skin is for this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/na660series-suzuki-alto-ha23v.19609/
Looks decent to me. But im missing the car mod that is required for this livery to work. Where can i get it?
Strewth, Thank you. I've added the link to the description.
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