FVRetrogamers - 2017 Super2 Series Skin Pack for FVRFactor 1.0

Expansion Pack for the 2014-2016 FVR Factor V8 Supercars mod. Runs on rFactor 1.

  1. V8Skinner
    FVRetrogamers, an FVRFactor satellite team, presents the 2017 Super2 Skin Pack addon.
    This skin pack requires and works with the FVRFactor 2014-2015-2016 v8 supercars mod installed for rFactor 1.

    1. Put the FVR_V8DUN17.rfm, FVR_V8DUN17.tga and FVR_V8DUN17Logo.tga files
    in this folder: rFactor\rFm

    2. Put the AU SUPER2 V8 2017 Folder in this folder:

    3. Put the FVR_V8DUN17 Folder in this folder:

    4. Run the game and enjoy!!!


    (In alphabetical order):
    DBENS1: Technical Support
    OUTSIDE35: Additional graphic work
    V8SKINNER: Idea, all liveries and files except Outside35's

    23 Skins painted for the Clipsal Round
    19 Skins painted for the Symmons Plains Round
    13 Skins painter for the Phillip Island Round
    21 Skins painted for the Townsville Round
    15 Skins painted for the Eastern Creek Round
    11 Skins painted for the Sandown Round
    12 Skins painted for the Bathurst Round
    15 Skins painted for the Newcastle Round

    129 Skins painted in the whole season + 37 Windows files


    1. rFactor v1250 13_12_2017 10_44_20.JPG
    2. rFactor v1250 13_12_2017 10_35_21.JPG
    3. rFactor v1250 13_12_2017 10_43_21.JPG
    4. GRAB_032.JPG
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