FVR V8 Supercars 2014-2016 v6.0 6.1

Australian V8 Supercars

  1. FlashQld
    FVR V8 Supercars 2014-2016 v6.0 June 2016

    Available in Steam Workshop, Remote Content and shortly on our website.


    Version 6.0 needs you to totally remove previous versions. Version 6.0 has some all important physics tweaks and hopefully all cars are visible this time.

    We are proud that this mod was built from the ground up at FVRFactor. 99% of the mod is scratch built, wretched thing the wipers and driver. We also have a User Interface on our website for the mod. The mod has multiple options in it to suit various configurations of how you want to drive. We have incorporated 5 years of trackconfigs so we have captured diff and tyres configurations and depending on your track year should result in the correct items. The 2015 season is included with test skins and Adelaide skins at present. There is the new 2016 season and the old faithful 2014. There is our newly modelled VF as promised for the 2015 and 2016 series plus the inclusion of our FGX for 2015 and 2016. All 5 cars represented over these 3 years were built in house from scratch by FlashQld and painted by Ferret40. Sounds were done by Bebop01 who has since departed to do other things. dBens1 and Feralarri have combined on physics and tyres, with Feralarri assisting me to compile this latest version. We are but a small team of friends spread out on the East Coast of Australia to Tasmania.

    Please understand that if you find a fault we are only human, this is a hobby and we're not waging any wars over this. If you don't like FVR don't download because we've been there and we do this for our own enjoyment. If you don't like it then you don't like it but if you do that's great. We'd love to hear from you if you do.

    Please don't rip any parts from it (those that threatened they would) we worked a long time on this and please show some respect in the process.

    This mod is CPM enabled.

    Special thanks to the following:
    Ferret40 - Skins and templates
    dBens1 - Physics
    Feralarri - Physics and Tyres
    Bebop01 - All sounds
    FlashQld - All 3D models, scripting and stuff

    FVR Special Access Members for their testing and fault finding. A few of you guys went above and beyond, stay tuned for some more testing very soon.


    FVR Members for just being there.

    Our dogs, cats, partners and kids

    Racing-Leagues.com for their support and testing. They have a 2016 series starting January all welcome.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Version: 6.1
    nice work,but the car dont have visual damage and that is no good in a sim racing
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      What do you mean by no visual damage. Do you mean dents and scratches? rF2 doesn't dent or scratch unless I missed something. Wheels may fall off in the mod but only under extreme circumstances. Spoilers/wings may fall off under extreme circumstances in the mod. In real life V8Supercars , wheels don't fall off either, In real life I haven't seen a spoiler fall off for a number of years. What sort of damage were you thinking it needed and if possible we could look at that?
  2. Marc Majnes
    Marc Majnes
    Version: 2016-06-12
    after all the time you have worked on this...so many thanx will not be enough !!
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      Too much time :) hopefully going forward we can just do minor updates.
  3. robnitro
    Version: 2016-06-12
    I wonder if you can save space by making it a single rfcmp package. Some of the things are most likely duplicate. I will do testing on compression.
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      There are duplicates in the files but during the creation ISI did allow the naming of certain parts, would have been great if it was like that at the beginning but the amount of duplicated parts is not that big. The sounds are the largest part of the files and we're happy to leave it as it is and would prefer that you don't work on compression, we prefer that people leave it as is. We have lots of parts inside it so that we can add our Supertourers and our 2012 V8's to it soon as our last hurrah. We separated the cars for a reason and I am happy for the files to remain as is. Our file sizes are equivalent to all the other mods except we have 5 cars in the mix, therefore 5 times the size. It makes it easier for updating and downloading for us. We did try as one rfcmp but it makes for a lot of work if that fails. At least with 5 separates we only have to update one car at a time. We've been messing with rF2 since before release and once we started in this direction there was no turning back, after all it is a hobby and I was getting time poor. Maybe down the track we could look at it but nah - just enjoy it or not.
  4. Neil J Armstrong
    Neil J Armstrong
    Version: 2016-06-12
    Just brilliant,Thanks to all involved for the effort....much appreciated.
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      Thanks Neil J Armstrong
  5. asehauDLM
    Version: 2016-06-12
    Awesome job, thanks a lot!
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      Appreciate your comments man.
  6. Ace King
    Ace King
    Version: 2016-06-12
    A big thankyou for a great mod
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      As long as it has a little glory it makes it all worthwhile. cheers
  7. guvna
    Version: 2016-06-12
    Been a fan of this for a while now. The new physics feel nice and the 2016 skins are quality. Good job!
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comments, yes the boys did a great job on the physics and skins. The tweaks make a big improvement I've been told.. Glad you enjoy.
  8. Hsmmer
    Version: 2016-06-12
    1. FlashQld
      Author's Response
      :) back at you
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