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Full HUD Cockpit Cam 1.1

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F1 2013 Cockpit Camera with full HUD

A simple mod that creates a new cockpit cam, but with the full HUD in the bottom right of the screen that you get in other views, like the T-Cam.

There is a new camera for each of the standard current season cars.

Cycle the camera in game to get to your new camera, as there is now 2 cockpit cameras. The standard one and this one.

The archive contains a installation read_me.txt file. 2 example pictures, and the original camera files should you wish to un-install the mod


Latest updates

  1. Camera files converted back to binary. No re-download required.

    Any existing users do not need to download this update. This update contains the camera files...

Latest reviews

thank you! Very useful always wanted to drive with Cockpit cam but HUD was missing so I didn't want to. Is it possible to use this in multiplayer,too?
Graham Laing
Graham Laing
Thanks :)

Yes, you can use it in multiplayer.
The HUD was the only thing stopping me from using the cockpit cam since in my rig I can't see the KERS on the wheel. This has changed it all! Thank you!!!
Graham Laing
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