Full F1 2021 season mod for Lotus exos 125 s1 2017-04-11

22 Cars, 11 teams!

  1. NegenTienTwaalf
    About this mod:
    Hi guys, it's me back again with a mod, but now something I'm really proud of! A full F1 2021 season mod for the lotus exos 125 s1. This mod contains 22 drivers, 11 teams, pirelli tyres and much more! If you want to use this mod in a video/use things by yourself for your own mod, please credit me, and feedback is always welcome ofcourse! :)
    This mod contains:
    preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg
    There is also a Sauber skin, but I'm limited to upload 10 pictures.
    Haas Toyota: Massa - Palmer
    Monster Mercedes: Raikkonen - Wehrlein
    Audi: Verstappen - Alonso
    Scuderia Ferrari: Vettel - Grosjean
    Mclaren Renault : Hamilton - Perez
    Jaguar: Bottas - Ericsson
    Volkswagen: Hulkenberg - Ricciardo
    Oral B Williams: Magnussen - Kvyat
    Force India: Ocon - Stroll
    Redbull: Sainz - Vandoorne
    Sauber: Giovinazzi - Gutierrez
    Mercedes is after years still a Championship contender, while the RedBulls are doing bad, Toro Rosso stopped being an F1 team because they were last in the constructors for 2 times in a row, and now RedBull has become one of the backfielders, will they survive this season? Ferrari is still doing well, although they aren't fighting for wins anymore, points paying positions is not a big deal for them. After Audi their debut back in 2019, the Audi team is getting stronger and stronger, and this season they are already fighting for wins. Mclaren is finaly back in the points paying positions, after a lot of problems with their Honda powered engines of the last years, so the decision to contract a partnership with Renault was maybe the right call. Jaguar has their first season this year after 17 years of not being in F1 and they look really strong this season. Volkswagen had a difficult season last year, but they seem to got stronger last winter and might be fighting in the midfield. Force India is still one of the midfielders, there hasn't changed much for them in the last 5 years, but maybe they can battle for podiums with their strong drivers. Williams doens't look very well for this season, it looks like they are one of the backfielders, hopefully they will improve during this season. Sauber is still in F1 and is still one of the backfielders, almost nothing changed for them, except for their last race in 2020, where they grabbed 22 points after both drivers finishing in the points.
    Credits to: Marco17_ok, I used his helmets for this mod, just because they look really great!

Recent Reviews

  1. CC
    Version: 2017-04-11
    Awesome story man , You should write a book ))
    1. NegenTienTwaalf
      Author's Response
      Hahahaha, I'm probably to impatient for that, but thanks for the review! :)
  2. JoelRR
    Version: 2017-04-11
    hahaha love it!! Nice skins and wonderfull story behind every single team!
    1. NegenTienTwaalf
      Author's Response
      Thanks, nice to hear you like it! :)
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