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Full F1 2011 mod for F1 2012

Full F1 2011 mod for F1 2012 1.0

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This mod adds all the car models from F1 2011 as well as liveries and tracks.

This is my first mod and I don't exactly know what I'm doing so there are some bugs and features I don't know how to add or fix.
F1 2012 06_05_2021 15_21_06.png

  • if you don't use the track portion of this mod then it works online.
  • All car models and liveries imported from F1 2011.
  • Istanbul replaces Bahrain and Nürburgring replaces Hockenheim.
  • All modes are still fully functional, including champions mode.

Known Bugs
  • For the Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Team Lotus I have had to use low quality textures because the high quality ones just appear chrome.
  • The track width is too narrow on some cars. This is especially noticeable on the Toro Rosso.
  • The brake disk sticks out of the wheel on the Force India.
To install the mod extract the files then drag the "cars" and "tracks" folder into the main f1 2012 folder. (don't forget to backup your files)

(If anyone knows how to change the menus, driver names/helmets and fix the bugs then feel free to, I don't know how to but good luck!)
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Really awesome mod. Also is it possible to do the same for F1 2014?
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