Fuji Speedway 2012 1.04

Fuji by Ethone / Virua LM

  1. Marco Bijl
    The track was originally created by Ethone for rF1 back in 2007 and has now been converted and significantly updated to current standards with the help of Virtua_LM. It includes two layouts (the F1 GP layout and a GT layout shortcutting the chicane) and a range of new trackside objects. If you have a less powerful PC you can make good use of the Track Detail and Shadow Detail settings which are extensively implemented. The track is designed to work comfortably with High settings (one below maximum) but does provide some extra objects and non-essential shadows for those who have the hardware to support it.


    Changelog: v1.02
    - Reduced number and size of environment maps to work around a rF2 issue that would lead to bloated VRAM-usage
    - some small texture size improvements
    - completely remodelled marshall and starter huts
    - tweaked road materials
    - white lines have been lifted from the road texture and put into their own 3d model for slightly better visuals and variation
    - some fixed smoothing (if find any remaining buildings with messed up smoothing let me know)
    - some fixed road material properties
    - added some fake skidmarks


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Recent Reviews

  1. Rainmaker
    Version: 1.04
    The best modern Fuji track. Thanks.
  2. bhendrik
    Version: 1.04
    looks good but i'm not racing it because fuel calculations are not possible
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