FTruck Unofficial Logo Mod 1.2

Adds the missing logos of the Ford, Scania and Mercedes Benz trucks

  1. Flizz

    This mod adds the missing logos to Reiza's fantastic Formula Truck Simulation:
    Accurate logos and signs for the Ford, Scania and Mercedes Benz trucks, reflecting the Formula Truck 2012 season.
    Will not affect any physics or skins. Only those skins, which contain a new logo, will be substituted.
    Will not cause any online missmatches.

    v1.1: Did a minor adjustment on the Scania No. 15.
    v1.2: Updated logos on the Pace Car in order to have it closer to the real one.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kakha Jomardidze
    Kakha Jomardidze
    Version: 1.2
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