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FSO Warszawa 201 for Race 07 / GTR Evo

FSO Warszawa 201 for Race 07 / GTR Evo 202004

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FSO Warszawa 201 1957 for Race 07

The author of the original model is unknown, the car appeared in Lowrider Extreme game.
Converted to Race 07 / GTR Evo by Carsay & Yuca.

The interior and the cockpit must be re-worked. Temporarily using the cockpit from Mercedes 300 SL. It will be not corrected until we find the proper cockpit for FSO Warszawa or GAZ M-20.
The Mercedes-Benz cockpit is in a separate folder.

The car uses engines from Volvo Amazon and Jaguar Mk2. The original engine was too slow to compete with GTL and RetroMax cars.
The car uses sounds of Volvo Amazon. If you already have the GTL addon, no need to install sounds.

The car starts in RACE1959 class, ClassID=59 (ATCC special classes)
If it collides with your setup, move it to RetroMax or TC-65

TODO part:
Cockpit, interior opacity, swingman camera orientation, hood camera.

fso warszawa 860b expo green.png

fso warszawa 860c red ontrack.png

fso warszawa 850c yellow black chrome.png

fso warszawa 822b fso logo speculum white jaguar crash.png

fso warszawa 824h mercyful fate jylland.png

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Latest updates

  1. cameras corrected, driver suits added

    Camera views corrected Driver suits added New logos Added .inclass file that you could quickly...
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