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Fresh Water

Fresh Water 9.4

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when I have try using the mod there is only the water bottes show in the store next to the beer no coffee machine and coffee ground do not appear
update the mod
I know the mod was usefull but doesn't work rigth now, trows me a Error saying you need MSCloader 9.9.9 when i have the last ver.
doesnt work, but i do remember when it did and it worked perfect
It isn't working says its for 9.9.9 msc loader version please fix this.
it isnt working on latest mod loader pls fix it
Mod isn't working on the mod loader 1.1.7 please fix it
Is not working on my Laptop, but it runs on my Computer. The games has the same Software Version.
his mods work just reactivate them
you can do this when you click on "mod settings" (right down corner main menu)
search for the mod click "details" and uncheck "disable this mod"
and stop hardcoding version numbers into your mods
Not working
hmm the mod broke again, you should update it
It's nice mod but how can I remove the empty bottle??
Ah ok
Lolx9235 the coffee machine was removed because a while back the devs addes a coffee pot to the game that is less glitchy
Great mod! But why you removed the coffe machine ?
Muito bom, mod mt perfeito.
cool can you add a buyable beer in a can?
I came here for that beautiful coffee.
ended up with fresh water only. well it would be a good idea if we could boil coffee in our new house mode using the stock coffee pan
Dont work can u fix it please ? I loved it to have water with my in my car and coffee if i am tiered cuz i dont wnat to drink bear ^^
it does not work plz fix
I have a bug that wont load the coffe machine in my summer car. It gives an error message and thats it

anyways, good mod
One of those mods that I miss a lot, not working on current build.
once worked but it is disabled
This is an excellent mod, I would like this mod to work in the latest version of modloader and MSC :(. Anyway, Good job :D
Hey friend,common update to last version of modloader.