French Language 1.1

Add french language files

  1. r199
    French Language


    Language pack in French for DiRT Rally v1.1.

    • Type: Patch FR
    • Platform: PC
    • Texts FR: [​IMG]
    • Voice FR: [​IMG]
    • Cutscenes FR: [​IMG]
    • Version: v1.1


    Copy / paste and replace in the game folder.
    Copier / coller et remplacer dans le dossier du jeu.

Recent Reviews

  1. mesa
    Version: 1.02
    Is it an Official patch or not?
    If it is not, does it mean someone is able to replace audio files ? :)
    1. r199
      Author's Response
      The language pack add only interface and voices in French.
      The files come from Steam.
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