Fourstrokes Visor Pack 1.1 final

Realistic Visors For the Fourstrokes

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 20-05-03-65.jpg MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 19-37-25-66.jpg This is a Pack to overwrite the Fourstrokes visors . When this Game came out I was disappointed with the visors as I am sure many of you were. This solves the problem . Some of the Riders just have Dark visors but most are highly detailed with a tear off and reflective look .

    Instructions - Paste the visors into the Fourstrokes/ Helmet / Pictures folder . You will obviously need the excellent 'Mixfile Remixer' .

    Enjoy! (I know I do )


    1. MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 19-43-30-78.jpg
    2. MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 20-25-27-57.jpg
    3. MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 20-36-56-03.jpg
    4. MotoGPVR46X64 2016-08-15 20-49-28-19.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Badexample69
    Version: 1.1 final
    Awesome riding bros!
    1. Aaron Smythe
      Author's Response
      Thanks . I noticed there are still a couple of helmets without the visor mods in this fourstrokes pack . I might update again soon .