Formula_Classic_G3M1-M2-M3_Livery (Williams,Benetton , McLaren and Ferrari 1991 Skins)

Formula_Classic_G3M1-M2-M3_Livery (Williams,Benetton , McLaren and Ferrari 1991 Skins) 0.8

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here in this 1991 livery pack contains my liveries

If you want to use a livery from me for your liveries pack, you are welcome to do that.
If you need PSD files just ask.
Version 0.8 Reiza´s new Skin system

Here are the 1991 Formula 1 skins from Williams, Ferrari and Benetton. I left out Mclaren because he is very likely to be added in the right model. if someone creates 1991 skins can use my skins on my behalf !! have fun!!
If you have version 0.7 installed you can add version 0.8 and still have the Mclaren skin. With version 0.8 only (Reizas new skin system) , thumbnails of the Williams, Benetton and Ferrari teams are now displayed
Installation: simply slide it into the Automobilista 2 folder !

Formula Classic Gen3 preview.jpg

Version 0.7 Only visible in the game or in the showroom !! not in the car selection!

some deviations are due to the missing template and deviations on the car models! sorry for that !
Williams driver name sticker not quite in the right place!
unfortunately the front wing end panels cannot be painted! that's why they're black on the McLaren!
Install: Steam/steamapps/common/Automobilista2/Pakfiles/Vehicles
makes a backup of the original file and overwrites my old files !!

they replace cars 5,6,19 ,20, 25, 26, 27 and 28

if you use my 1994 skins they will be overwritten!





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    Here are the 1991 Formula 1 skins from Williams, Ferrari and Benetton. I left out Mclaren...
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  3. 0.6.1 Ferrari FIAT Logo revised

    0.6.1 Ferrari FIAT Logo revised , I forgot the update for the Ferrari in version 0.6 Sorry!!
  4. +Benetton 1991

Latest reviews

Amazing work -thank you :-)
Is there anyway to add the Mclaren? I dont have 0.7 and cannot locate the skin. Please
Awesome! Maybe you can add Senna?
great work , thanks a lot , whe need more good skins in ams2. You may also be interested in a making of GT3 car skins ? Where great.
Excellent skins, Makes hell of a difference that liveries can now be viewed!!!
Awesome work, love it!!!
Did I miss something or do these not work any more
They still work !! after an update they sometimes have to be overwritten again!
makes a backup of the original file and overwrites the files !!
Absolutely love these! Any chance you can paint over all the Formula Classic G3 vanilla content? Brilliant work, mate. :)
Love these skins!!! Great work.
It adds so much realism to the Classic Gen 3, great work!!!
Amazing!!! Someone needs to make the whole 2019 season now...
Great work, luv this year (1991) through to 1996 for f1 hope you can do all the cars of this year! appreciate all your hard work thanks
Great work! these skins add a great level of authenticity to AMS2. One question.. how can I run this pack with the other download and have these skins plus the 1994 Williams G3M2 and Ferrari G3M3 skins, without overriding the Williams M2 and Benetton M3 skins from this download? I have no idea of how this works but is there a way to have multiple modded liveries on a particular car shape as in the V10 Smokers Pack download?
Love these skins so much. Is there any chance of adding the skins of the other cars too? Have a great day.
Great to see that skins can be modded in AMS2. Any chance that they will eventually show in livery section? Many thanks for sharing.
Thx alot keep going
Many thanks.
Thank you!!