Formula Student AutoX/Endurance 1.0

Two sample tracks

  1. tomhbehrendt
    Following from the previous Skidpad/Accel track here is another set of configurations similar to the AutoX/Endurance events. The following download contains a set of two track configurations: FSG1 and TOM1. Each have a track width of 4.5m, with a slalom component built in. Race configurations have not been set for the tracks, thus please only run the tracks in PRACTICE mode to ensure smooth operation.


    For those curious I am a team member from the Monash Motorsport FS team. I am creating a car model / tracks to assist with competition preparation. This year we have produced both electric and combustion vehicles. For a reference our combustion vehicle is running within ~1sec of the above lap times. For more information regarding the team see
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Recent Reviews

  1. tritonion
    Version: 1.0
    Great tracks, greetings to our Monash Friends from Ecurie Aix!
  2. jcm055
    Version: 1.0
    The basics are there but it's too tight for autocross. Most autoX courses are able to be driven in 2nd gear the whole way around.
    1. tomhbehrendt
      Author's Response
      It's too tight for autoX? Here is a video of our actual car driving on it: The track was dimensioned in solidworks from the real image when I created it.
  3. Stefan Hiller
    Stefan Hiller
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice to see Formula SAE tracks in Sim racing :) greetings from High Speed Karlsruhe :D
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