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Formula RSS2 Mclaren Honda Andretti Autosport v1.1

Complete with Fernando Alonso

  1. ClimaxF1
    Hi Guys

    Here's a skin I did a while back that I thought I would share with you guys.

    Hope you like, have fun :)

    Mclaren_Honda_Indy_500_1.jpg Mclaren_Honda_Indy_500_2.jpg Mclaren_Honda_Indy_500_3.jpg Mclaren_Honda_Indy_500_4.jpg
    Mclaren_Honda_Indy_500.jpg Mclaren_Honda_Alonso_helmet.jpg Mclaren_Honda_Alonso_gloves.jpg

    Special thanks to Marco17_ok for all his helmet design.

    Special thanks to formulaHEINE for all his Pirelli Tires.


    • Always backup!
    • Download zip file
    • Open zip file
    • Unpack and copy / paste/install

    For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:


    Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online

Recent Reviews

  1. K4rBonStig
    Version: v1.1
    Nice work, many thanks!
  2. HClausing
    Version: v1.0
    Nice job, very beaultifull!! Congratulations!

    Could you please share with us the gloves' templates?
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Thank you and appreciate the review!
      I've used standard Assetto gloves and designed them in 2D. Nothing fancy but they do the job.
  3. Peter Kerényi
    Peter Kerényi
    Version: v1.0
    GP2 engine! Arghh!
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Engine is a bit down but the car is really good around the track.
      Thanks for the review!
  4. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: v1.0
    very nice skin , top work , thanks
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Always a pleasure, thanks!
  5. antirussia81
    Version: v1.0
    Since I saw your P1 GTR skins, I knew you have a talent. And this skin confirms that :) Pity that you do not upload more stuff in here...
    1. ClimaxF1
      Author's Response
      Have just being very busy with work. Soon I will have some time again to upload some new designs.
      Really appreciate the review, thank you!
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