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Formula RSS 2 V8 2017 - Mercedes GP 2011 Skin

Formula RSS 2 V8 2017 - Mercedes GP 2011 Skin 1.0

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So guys, here is the 2011 Mercedes F1 Skin for Formula RSS 2 V8 2017.

#07: Michael Schumacher
#08: Nico Rosberg


Credit goes to:

@Marco17_ok for Michael Schumacher's helmet from 2006
@Ja1981 for Nico Rosberg's 2016 helmet
@Tripple8 for Alpinestars gloves
Race Sim Studio for Formula RSS 2 V8 2017:
@davewilliams000 for Pirelli tyres
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Latest reviews

The idea is actually pretty good but I don't think starting off with the 2017 model was the best execution. Still a 2011 mod is one of few that is still completely missing for Assetto Corsa. Do you think you could somehow manage to make 2011 cars on your own? Alternative you could use SimDreams 2010 or 2012 cars and make 2011 skins for them.
Thanks for the review but I wanted the 2011 skins on Formula RSS 2 V8 2017.
I appreciate the idea, but the execution is poor.
- The Schumacher helmet has Marlboro and Ferrari logos on them.
- The Rosberg helmet is from several years later.
- The Petronas color on the sidepod is distorted and poorly applied, with visible eraser marks.
- Both the Petronas logos on the side and the Mercedes logo on the engine cover appear to have been taken from another mod/skin and just poorly pasted onto the livery.
- The Petronas logos on the front wing are missing
I know but I'm not good at making skins especially for Assetto Corsa. I also used 2006-2016 helmets + Used F1 2011 game skins but you know the drill.
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