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Formula RC (remote control) 0.97

Rfactor 2, RC, car, remote control

  1. Ian Franssen
    ISI released the Formula RC. These are Remote Control miniature F2 cars, developed as a fun sideproject in the free time of the employees of ISI.

    Somewhere in the future ISI will release some simple tracks when the employees have some more free time. You can practice on Lime Rock Park in the pit, where some objects are placed or race on these tracks.

    Note from ISI:

    "April 1, 2013.

    Just a bit of fun. These scale RC cars can use special layouts. We advise layouts where a single camera can be used, and should be driven from the trackside camera for the most interesting experience.

    If you make a track, we suggest using the following cameras for consistency with any layouts we release:
    Cam Group 1, normal driving stand camera
    Cam Group 2, normal driving stand camera with autozooming
    Cam Group 3, old school static from above style camera
    Cam Group 4, normal TV style camera's

    Files included:
    - MultiCMP of the car

    Known issues:
    1) You may need to fully press the clutch or the engine won't start in practice sessions / qual sessions
    2) Steering wheel missing from onboard cams (it's an R/C car, stop cheating!)
    3) Fuel tank is too large, to accommodate our fuel pickup issues with build 156 and lower
    4) AI jittery when their vehicles are stationary"

    After unpacking the file place it in the packages folder, and install with the mod manager.
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