Formula R....Smaller, Lighter, Faster for F1 2014 1.0

Formula R....Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Lots of fun...

  1. igearzone16
    Formula R....Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Lots of fun... for F1 2014

    Basically what these are, a couple of classic bodies, on which I built a new car with new chassis and integrated it with the 2014 Game. then gave them around 2700 horse power, new built interiors. and a full tank of gas....
    These are not classics by any means, only the bodies resemble them, the rest is all new..

    These cars are new built, with new code, there for making the game work amazingly in tendon with these cars, the ai, works flawless, please watch the video, to get an idea of how strong and clean, almost human like the **ai** is.
    Unbelievably fast game play, the battles are awesome..

    Install instructions
    download the Dynamic mod 1st, and install.. link below

    then install the tracks, if you like better looking tracks, link below
    its a list of the tracks, just click each one to download it

    once all above is installed, then install this mod as the final phase.
    that's it.. best installed on a clean game, but not necessary..

    I made this mod about 8 months ago, but never posted it. so what the heck.. maybe some of you might like it...

    **If you use it**
    **Vote or Comment on it**

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